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Problems Printing? Troubleshooting Tips!

Having trouble printing?   Computer Information Make sure you’re using one of these operating systems and browsers: Windows 10 Windows 8.1/8 Windows 7 Windows Vista (upgrade to IE9, or use Chrome or Firefox) Windows XP (users will need to use Chrome or Firefox) Mac OSX10.7... more »

Special message for XP and IE8 users

Hey XP and Internet Explorer 8 users!  Have you heard the news about our new coupon printing software? Maybe you noticed that Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are no longer on the support list.  Maybe you tried to install the software using IE8 and it didn’t work.  Maybe... more »

Introducing a new way to print coupons!

Dear loyal fan, We're excited to announce a big change to our coupon printing software. With our NEW Print@Home coupon printing software, you’ll just need to install a small, secure application on your desktop or laptop.  Installing is an easy one-time process: Select... more »

Mac users: great news!

Hey Mac user!  We have a new version of our Print@Home coupon printing software available that replaces the old one.  You’ll need to install this new version to keep printing our coupons.  Before you start, please make sure you have the following system specifications: OSX10.6... more »

How do I install the coupon printing software?

Starting April 2014, all powered print coupons requires a fast, easy installation of our NEW, IMPROVED Print@Home coupon printing software.  Read more about it here! Please note, you will be prompted to install our NEW software even if you have previously installed... more »
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I'm getting a “Print@Home not found” error

If you get a page error that looks like a “404” or reads “The webpage cannot be displayed” or “Print@Home not found”:   Or “No apps installed”:   You may be presented with a fresh install of the coupon printing software after... more »

Why am I being asked to install software?

We require the use of software to print our coupons in order to safely distribute coupons over the internet.  Our coupon printing software is 100% safe and will not harm your computer.  It is used exclusively to print our coupons, and we do not gather or require personal... more »

I'm getting "Sorry, you have already viewed the offer" message

All coupons have a personal print limit (the number of times you’re allowed to print a coupon), but some coupons have an extra limit on the number of times you’re allowed to access, or view, the coupon's display page.  Manufacturers request these security measures... more »

My coupon printed without a barcode

Most coupons have barcodes for security and tracking purposes, but some coupons do not. This is controlled by the manufacturer.  If your coupon printed without a barcode, please make sure you are printing using the secure print technology and not simply printing a web page display.... more »

Can I print using my mobile device or tablet?

Printing from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (iPad) is not available.  Please use a standard desktop or laptop computer connected to a printer (via cable or wireless).

Can I print coupons at work?

If you are trying to print coupons at work or from a computer at a library, Internet café, or university, you may not have permission to download and install programs onto the computer you are using. This may be true even if you’ve downloaded and installed other programs.... more » can't be opened on Mac

If you're on a Mac and getting the following message: You need to change your security settings.   Open System Preferences and then Security Make sure the "Allow applications downloaded from:" section is set to "Anywhere".  Try printing again - you will now be presented... more »

I'm getting a “No apps installed” error

If you get a page error “No apps installed”:   You may be presented with a fresh install of the coupon printing software after a few minutes.  Re-installing the software should repair the problem.   If you are not presented with a fresh install after... more »