Thu, Aug 11, 2016 – by Jennifer Frye

5 Top Practical Ways to Save Money at the Drugstore

5 Top Practical Ways to Save Money at the Drugstore 1

Whether you just need to pick up a gallon of milk, paper towels, or cold medicine, drug stores are excellent places to grab beauty and household essentials quickly. However, items at your local convenience store are not always cheaper than buying them at major grocery stores. This is why it is important to take advantage of loyalty programs, sales, and other discounted programs that will help you save money.

Here are several things that you can do to save money at the drugstore.

  1. Make a list. Writing a list of the items that you need before visiting the store helps to reduce spending costs. The process is no different from writing a grocery or other shopping list.
  2. Search for coupons. Subscribe to Sunday newspapers to receive weekly coupons, search and print coupons here at, or your local drugstore website for additional savings. You can easily save up to $20 off your purchases. Learn how to get more from your coupons.
  3. Sign up for reward programs. Major drugstores such as CVS or Walgreens have reward programs that are beneficial to saving money on particular products or the entire purchase. You can sign up for the loyalty programs via their website. Also, remember to join the email list for additional discounts, sometimes you can receive deals to combine with coupons.
  4. Be prepared to shop at more than one store. You may find deals and discounts at more than one drugstore for the items that you need. Organize your coupons per store location to maximize your time and savings.
  5. Shop the sales. Simply find local deals within your area for the week to help you plan for the items you want to buy. Read the small print of deals discovered in the newspaper or online to see if you can receive additional discounts when you use the store loyalty card.

Remember to search for coupons and discounts in the newspaper or savings blogs and websites to help you write a shopping list. Also, sign up for store reward programs and be open to shopping at multiple drug stores for sale items.

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