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How Buying Store Brands Can Save You Money

How Buying Store Brands Can Save You Money 1

Store brand products cover a wide variety of food and non-food items in nearly every major grocery store and drug store. Buying store brand items can help you to save money when you shop for groceries. Estimates of savings range from 25% to 60% depending on the product. Depending on what you purchase, it is worth exploring store brands if you are not doing it already.

Quality vs. Price

There is a persistent myth that store brand items are of lower quality. This is not true – in fact, some of the same companies manufacture both store and brand name products that directly compete, and may even be placed next to each other on store shelves. A poll of 24,000 people conducted by Consumer Reports on 19 different products revealed that 78% of their readers found no noticeable difference between store brands and name brands.

Tips for Shopping for Brand Names

Compare labels. When deciding which products to buy, compare the nutrition labels. For certain products, you will notice they offer almost identical nutritional value. If that is the case, choose the one that costs less or whichever you have a coupon.

Compare serving sizes. Look closely at serving sizes, as they are not always identical to store and brand names. Some may have higher calories per serving.

Look at the ingredients. Different brands often use the same ingredients. However, be wary, some brands have much higher sodium or fat content, which will alter the flavor and nutritional value.

Although many of us have some loyalty to certain brand name products, it is true that most people cannot tell the difference between popular and store brand merchandise. Moreover, if you are willing to try various brands, you may find no noticeable difference – except for a lower price.

Willingness to switch brands also allows you to use the coupon available, giving you greater selection, savings, and overall value. 

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