Thu, Mar 21, 2013 – by Jessica Severson

Swing Sets: Our Must Haves

My husband and I spend a lot of time planning what we’d like to have someday when we have a little money and the kids are a little older.

One thing I’d love to do for my kids once we have a real house with a real yard is to give them a real swing set in the backyard. I know everyone says if you have one you never use it, but as a kid I always wanted to have one and I guess I haven’t quite forgotten the desire.

It seems like everyone I know is looking for swing sets right now. Good timing, too, since Home Depot is offering savings up to $300 on select playsets (Online only, free shipping, expires 3/27/13)

When the day comes, these are my swing-set necessities:

  1. A slide. Doesn’t have to be anything fantastic. After all, the plain old slides are the best ones to climb up.

  2. At least 2 swings. No one likes waiting for a turn swinging. And there’s something about swinging with a friend and having both of you pump your legs together that’s extra special. Plus then you can have jump-off-the-swing contests.

  3. A place to hide. The best thing about having something all your own is being able to imagine no one else is there to see you. I remember playgrounds being more than just a place to run around, they’re a great place to imagine.

  4. A climbing wall. I’ve started to see little rock-climbing-style walls on playgrounds recently. Love it. Definitely have to have one of those.

  5. A bridge. My kid loves bridges. Simple as that.

  6. A soft place to land. I love the new rubber padding on the ground at playgrounds. Way less messy than sand or mulch.

I want a play set that lets my kids run and play, that lets them be kids, that is a stage for their imagination. It may be just one more thing on my list of “somedays” but it’s definitely near the top of the list.

Jessica is a blogger, a lawyer and a lifelong reader based in Boston, MA. She is the founder of Red Letter Reads a book review site for busy readers. Her personal blog is Don't Mind the Mess