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Mac users: great news!

We have great news for Apple Mac users: there's a new version of our coupon printer built especially for you!  

You may have noticed this change already and are coming here to get the scoop. First, let us assure you that our software is 100% safe and is ONLY used to print our valuable coupons. Click here to read our End User License Agreement, and click here to read our Privacy Policy.  

Second, we've built this version of our coupon printer to alleviate the confusion some Mac users experience when running Java applets in some browsers. This much simpler, streamlined process will get you printing in no time!

Before you start, please make sure you have the following system specifications:

  • OSX10.7 and above. OSX10.6 users will need to update to OSX10.9.  Good news - OSX10.9 is FREE! Update via the App Store or click HERE.  
  • Safari 6+, Chrome 22+, or Firefox 24+.

Next, make sure your Security Settings are set correctly.  Go to System Preferences, click Security, and make sure you've set "Allow applications downloaded from:" to "Anywhere".  

If you have already downloaded the software but have not yet installed, find the download file "Print@Home.dmg" in your Downloads folder. 

Not sure you downloaded the file yet?  Click HERE to go to our Test Coupon page.  Select the coupon, click Print, and the file will download.  

After you've located the "Print@Home.dmg" file, click to open.  The file will extract, and you'll be presented with this screen:

Using your mouse, grab the Print@Home icon and drag it into the Applications folder.  

That's it!  You're done!  Give it a try by going to our Test Coupon page.  Select the coupon and click print.  Make sure your printer is on and stocked with paper and ink.  Firefox and Chrome users will be presented with a Protocol Acceptance dialog box. This is similar to other software that uses protocol.  Check the box to "Remember my choice", and the box will never display again. 

Firefox Protocol acceptance:

Chrome Protocol acceptance:

Once the Test Coupon prints, you're good to go.  Head over to RedPlum.com and find some fabulous savings!  

Didn't work?  Head over to this article, which has more suggestions.