I was taken off your mailing list but I’m still receiving the RedPlum®, why?

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It takes 5-6 weeks for the process to take effect because mailing labels are often printed in advance. If you receive the RedPlum® ads in your mailbox or via private carrier delivery after that timeframe, check the address on RedPlum® to verify that it is your address. If it does not have your address printed on it then your carrier has made a delivery error. Please notify your local Post Office and ask them to have the postal carrier no longer deliver someone else’s package to your address.
Printing coupons
  • Add coupons to the queue

    Click on the plus sign () for an individual coupon to add it to the print queue.

  • Open the queue

    Look for the pink button(s) that say to "View print queue & print" or "Print Coupons." The number of coupons you have in the queue is displayed. Click there to open the queue.

  • Print your coupons

    Click on the "Print these coupons now" button to print all of the coupons in the queue.

  • The print driver

    We use a print driver that must be installed before printing. This is a small, secure application that installs on your desktop or laptop.

Downloading coupons
  • Participating grocers offers coupons from participating grocers that can be downloaded to your store loyalty cards.

  • Select a default grocer

    If you see a coupon that has a download option click to select your default grocer.

  • Download the coupon

    If that coupon is offered at that grocer you will be given the option to go to the grocer’s website to download the coupon.