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How do I install or upgrade my Java?

Go to www.java.com

We recommend using the highest version of Java available to you.  Older versions of Java are not always supported by browsers and operating systems for security reasons, so you may not get the best result.   For most, Java installation is a seamless operation that only takes a few minutes, but your individual computer setup (Operating system, browser, internet connection, and age of the computer) can vary the time required to perform the install.


Windows consumers simply follow the prompts provided by Java to install the software.  Java recommends restarting the browser when Java is finished installing.  


OSX10.6.8: use Software Update to install the latest version of Java available.  Check Java Preferences to make sure the “Enable Web Start and Applications” checkbox is checked. 

OSX10.7.3 and above:  Go to www.java.com and click “Free Java Download”, and follow the instructions Java provides for your detected operating system and browser.  

More information on Java for Mac can be found here: http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/java_mac.xml

NOTE:  Installing Java 7 may prevent printing using Google Chrome.  See the articles I’m on a Mac using Chrome and I can’t print and I’m on a Mac and I can no longer find Java Preferences