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Can't Print with Java 7 Update 51?
Java 7 Update 51 is causing some Windows users to be unable to print our coupons.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  While we investigate improvements, we have found that deleting Java temporary files has resolved the issue for some of our users: Windows First, close... more »
I updated to the latest Java version but I still can't print
**Using Java 7 Update 51?  Click here to read this article!** Windows:  Some Windows systems respond better by uninstalling and reinstalling Java, rather than simply upgrading on top of an existing Java version.  You can read more about it here: Please... more »
Problems Printing? Troubleshooting Tips!
Having trouble printing?  Here's a handy list of help articles!   **Having trouble printing with the new Java (Java 7 Update 51)? **  Click here for instructions! Computer Information Make sure you’re using one of these operating systems and browsers: Windows... more »
Before you print
Not working?  Make sure you’re using one of these operating systems and browsers: Windows 7, 8/8.1 or XP with IE 7–11, Firefox 12 and higher, or Chrome 20 and higher Mac OSX10.7 or higher with Safari 6 or higher, Firefox 12 and higher, and Chrome 20 and higher Read... more »
Mac users: great news!
We have great news for Apple Mac users: there's a new version of our coupon printer built especially for you!   You may have noticed this change already and are coming here to get the scoop. First, let us assure you that our software is 100% safe and is ONLY used to print our... more »
How do I install the coupon printing software?
This depends on your operating system and browser.   Windows users:   IE users:  a bar with the file name will appear at the bottom of your screen.  Click the RUN button, and the install will begin automatically.  Chrome users:  You will be presented... more »
I'm getting "Sorry, you have already viewed the offer" message
All coupons have a personal print limit (the number of times you’re allowed to print a coupon), but some coupons have an extra limit on the number of times you’re allowed to access, or view, the coupon's display page.  Manufacturers request these security measures... more »
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Deleting Java Temp Files
Windows First, close your internet browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome). Click the Start menu and select Control Panel.  In Control Panel, select "Programs", and then click "Java".  This opens the Java Control Panel. Under the "Temporary Internet Files" section, there is a button... more »
Enable Plug-Ins/Add-Ons
Some browsers require plug-ins or add-ons to allow the consumer to run Java.  Plug-ins must be “Enabled” in the browser settings.   Any browser request to upgrade plug-ins should also be accepted and installed.  Plug-ins are managed on the browser level:  Internet... more »
Uninstalling/reinstalling Java
*Note: Recommended for Windows users only. Step One: Uninstall old Java versions First, close your internet browser (IE, Firefox, etc). Click the Start menu and select Control Panel. In Control Panel, select “Add or Remove Programs”.  It may also be called “Programs... more »
Manually installing the coupon printing software
Do you continue to have Java problems even though it’s installed and up to date? Good news – we have an alternative.  Follow the below steps to install our all-inclusive coupon printing software.    First, make sure you clear your browser’s cache and... more »
The gray screen and window just sits there — it doesn't do anything
Windows Start by downloading the latest version of Java from After you’ve updated to the latest version, close and restart your browser Try printing again.  If you still can't print, follow the instructions in the article Uninstalling/Reinstalling... more »
What operating system does my computer need?
Windows For the best results, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP and Vista. Mac MacOSX10.7 or higher
The Run/Allow box never popped up for me
Windows Start by downloading the latest version of Java from After you’ve updated to the latest version, close and restart your browser Try printing again.  If you still can't print, follow the instructions in the article Uninstalling/Reinstalling Java Mac Make... more »
Why am I being asked to install software?
We require the use of software to print our coupons.  This allows us to safely distribute coupons over the internet.  If you're on a Windows machine, just click Run when prompted. Some Windows users may have a slightly different experience depending on the browser you're... more » can't be opened on Mac
If you're on a Mac and getting the following message: You need to change your security settings.   Open System Preferences and then Security Make sure the "Allow applications downloaded from:" section is set to "Anywhere".  Try printing again - you will now be presented... more »
Using Chrome browser on Facebook
Are you having trouble printing from Facebook when you use Chrome?  Here are some tips: Update your Java to the latest version, restart your browser, and make sure your Plug-in is enabled.  Switch to a different browser, such as IE (on Windows), Firefox (Windows and Mac),... more »
Tips for Internet Explorer 8 users
Do you use Internet Explorer 8?  Are you being asked to install the coupon printing software, but having trouble making it work? We recommend the following troubleshooting tips: -Start by clearing your internet browser cache and cookies.  Click Tools/Internet Options, and... more »
What browsers should I use?
Windows IE 7-11, Firefox 12 and higher, and Chrome 20 and higher Mac Safari 6 or higher, Firefox 12 and higher, Chrome 20 and higher.    
How do I check my browser version?
To check the browser version: IE – Help/About Internet Explorer Firefox – Help/About Firefox (on Mac – Firefox/About Firefox) Chrome – Wrench icon /About Google Chrome Safari (Mac only) – Safari/About Safari
How do I check to see what Operating System I have?
To check the operating system specs on Windows: Right click the My Computer desktop icon, and select Properties.  Or, click Start/Control Panel/System and Security/System.    To check operating system specs on Mac: Click the Apple icon and then select “About this Mac”
Can I print coupons at work?
If you are trying to print coupons at work or from a computer at a library, Internet café, or university, you may not have permission to download and install programs onto the computer you are using. This may be true even if you’ve downloaded and installed other programs.... more »
Browser Java Run
Some browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, may ask the consumer to run or allow Java outside of running or allowing the applet.  This typically appears as a yellow bar at the top of the browser.   Internet Explorer users may be asked to run an Active X control.  You... more »
How do I print a coupon?
Printing our coupons is easy!  Before you start, take a quick look through this article to make sure you have the right computer requirements. You may also want to try printing our test coupon.  Having trouble?  Refer to the articles on this site to help you or... more »
My coupon printed without a barcode
Most coupons have barcodes for security and tracking purposes, but some coupons do not. This is controlled by the manufacturer.  If your coupon printed without a barcode, please make sure you are printing using the secure print technology and not simply printing a web page display.... more »
Do I need to provide any personal information to use Java or the Coupon Printer?
You will not need to provide any personal information or register and the process will not download any adware, spyware or tracking software to your computer. 
I'm getting a security warning
If you get a security warning, try the following steps:  Make sure your default printer is set to a real, physical, paper-and-ink printer and not something else like Adobe PDF or Microsoft XPS Document Writer.  To check this: Windows Click the Start Menu and select “Devices... more »
I'm getting a Certificate Warning
If you get a certificate warning (failed to validate certificate), try the following steps.  Make sure your Java settings are correct: First, close your internet browser (IE, Firefox, etc). Click the Start menu and select Control Panel. In Control Panel, select "Programs", and... more »
Can I print using my mobile device or tablet?
Printing from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (iPad) is not available.  Please use a standard desktop or laptop computer connected to a printer (via cable or wireless).
How do I install or upgrade my Java?
Go to We recommend using the highest version of Java available to you.  Older versions of Java are not always supported by browsers and operating systems for security reasons, so you may not get the best result.   For most, Java installation is a seamless... more »