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15 Frugal, Fun, and Fantastic Family Staycation Ideas

15 Frugal, Fun, and Fantastic Family Staycation Ideas 1

More families are opting out of paying airfare and other travel expenses on vacations to save money. Instead, the idea of staying home is a realistic cost-savvy way for most families that decide to reduce costs of going out of town. Having an excellent time does not have to break the bank, what is important is spending time with the people that you love.

Here are several frugal, fun, and fantastic family vacation ideas that the entire family can enjoy during the week or weekend.

  1. Visit a local beach, lake, or pond.
  2. Play mini-golf.
  3. Attend a local fair or festival.
  4. Go camping in your backyard or at a local campsite.
  5. Visit the museum.
  6. See an outdoor movie.
  7. Visit the farmers market.
  8. Take a road trip to a nearby city.
  9. Have a movie marathon taking turns watching a favorite film of each person.
  10. Plan to volunteer at animal shelter or hospital.
  11. Hike a trail.
  12. Take an art or cooking class.
  13. Plan a themed party and invite family and friends.
  14. Visit a local community pool for a swim.
  15. Go on a city or town tour. You may discover new things about where you live.

The majority of these activities is free or cost no more than $15 per person. Take advantage of the places, classes, and events in your city or town that are budget friendly and exciting.

Also, check out sites such as Groupon or Living Social to search for amazing deals and offers in your area.

What are your favorite staycation activities? Share your experience on Facebook!

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