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4 Simple Tips to Build an Efficient Stockpile

4 Simple Tips to Build an Efficient Stockpile 1

What is a stockpile? It is the process of storing massive amounts of food and household products to use at a later time. You may have done it before to prepare for a natural disaster buying large quantities of water, canned goods, and emergency related things. Many people do this, specially seasoned couponers that know how to shop during the sales cycles to get the most savings. The technique of stockpiling can help you save hundreds of money throughout the year.

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Here are four easy do-it-yourself steps to start a stockpile.

  1. Create a storage space. Before you begin a stockpile, do you have additional space to store items? Consider the size of your home; is there an extra room, shelving unit or pantry? Learn how to create a canned food shelf here.
  2. Research store sales and deals. Check your RedPlum mailings and other coupons in the Sunday paper, local store sales flyers and online for printable coupons.  Plan to shop at more than one store to get the best savings possible.  Read How to Get More from Your Coupons before heading to the store.
  3. Take advantage of free and affordable canned products. Make a list of the products (toilet tissue, canned goods, soaps, and detergent) that will last a good year per the expiration date. Be mindful of what you or your family needs while shopping within your monthly budget for non-perishable goods. Learn the must-know terms for successful couponing to help you save.
  4. Use what you have purchased. As you continue to repeat steps two and three to add to the stockpile, remember to make room by using the items that you have stored. Plan your meals based on the foods available.

Building a stockpile will not happen overnight as it takes money and time to invest in creating one. Following the tips above will help you to budget and plan wisely for successful shopping trips.

For more savings tips, check out the Savings Blog.

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