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7 Free Ways to Not Get Sick

7 Free Ways to Not Get Sick 1

There are lots of other ways to reduce your chances of catching the next cold or flu going around without spending money on supplements. Some of these are easy tips, and some of them will demand that you change your routines. Given how much a cold or flu disrupts your daily life, a change is worth it, don’t you think?

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1: Walk instead of driving somewhere three times a week

Regular exercise boosts your immune system. Even if you do not have a regular workout routine, taking a 30-minute walk a few times a week can do wonders. Walking will increase the cells that kill viruses and bacteria, and being out in the fresh air gives you space from all the germs circulating this time of year indoors.

2: Spend five minutes a day being grateful

It is a proven fact--giving yourself time to practice gratitude reduces stress, which reduces sickness. When you make being good part of your life, your happiness also tends to increase. Guess what? Being happier is another way to improve your resistance to colds, flu, and other illnesses.

3: Sleep more

Recent research has found that sleeping less than seven hours a night can increase your chances of catching a cold by three times. Sleeping also helps you to stay active, which is another way to protect yourself from catching the next bug going around your office or school.

4: Stop spending money on your vice

Most likely, your vice is sugary beverages or cigarettes. These substances are bad for your immune system. Sugar makes it harder for the cells that attack viruses and bacteria to do their jobs. Smoking suppresses your immune system and makes it more difficult to get over respiratory infections. This tip is even better than free--you’ll have more money after you do it!

5: Don’t touch your face

Hand-washing is a very good idea, but how realistic is it to wash your hands every time you touch a public surface? This time of year, all those surfaces have germs. Keep the germs away from the mucous membranes on your face to reduce your chances of catching the next cold.

6: Unwind

We all know it: we are more likely to get sick when we are stressed out. Fluctuating levels of cortisol associated with high stress, and reducing stress are an excellent way to get sick less. Lucky for you, some of these other tips (like sleeping more) will help you reduce stress. However, even if you can not do that, finding some time every day to do whatever helps you relax will help your immune system out.

7: Drink warm lemon water

Drink warm water with lemon to help prevent a cold. A cup every morning will increase your circulation and help your body flush out toxins. Also, lemon offers a healthy dose of vitamin C and is high in bioflavonoids, which help destroy free radicals.

The best time to deal with winter illnesses is before you start feeling sick. However, even if you’ve already caught a bad bug going around, these tips will help you recover faster and avoid the next one!