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How to Freeze Food to Save Money

How to Freeze Food to Save Money 1

Fresh food is always good, but it can go bad fast. Most of us have had to throw out items because we overlooked them in the refrigerator or just waited a day too long to use them. It is such a waste.

Freezing food can solve this problem. Whether dealing with leftovers or bulk items purchased with coupons, you can get proactive to reduce food waste, save money, and still eat delicious, nutritious food. With a bit of planning, your coupons, and some resalable freezer bags, you can store a wealth of good, long-lasting food in your freezer.

1. Both leftovers and bulk items are great for freezing. It is another good reason to use coupons to get the best deals and then freeze what you do not use right away. Check out our frozen food coupons so you can stock up and save, and always have good frozen items on hand when you need them.

2. To avoid freezer burn and to best freeze individual items, such as fruits and vegetables, so they do not become a frozen blob in your freezer, follow these tips:

  • Invest in freezer bags and freezer-safe-containers. Make sure to place the date on your freezer bags to know when they are going to expire. 
  • Freeze foods separately.
  • Remove the Styrofoam under the layer of meats and wrap in freezer paper. 
  • For ground beef, separate the meat into quarters before freezing it. 
  • Freeze fruits and vegetables while they are still fresh. Most vegetables need to be blanched first before packing them in a freezer bag. 
  • Preserve herbs in an ice cube tray, just fill the rest of the containers with water. 
  • Wrap muffins, pancakes, and other baked goods in plastic wrap and then place them in the freezer bag before putting them into the freezer. 

3. There are many ways to use frozen items in your daily recipes. Frozen veggies can be quickly thawed to add a fresh touch to any meal while frozen fruit works great for smoothies with no thawing required.

4. As useful as freezing can be, it does not work with all foods. See this helpful list of foods you can and cannot freeze