Mon, Nov 16, 2015 – by Jennifer Frye

5 Thanksgiving Dinner Money Saving Tips

5 Thanksgiving Dinner Money Saving Tips 1

Turkey, stuffing, wine and spirits, dessert – the costs of these items can add up quickly. Whether you have a small or large guest list for Thanksgiving dinner, consider these money savings tips from these budget- savvy bloggers.

  1. Make dinner a potluck. Ask each person [attending the] dinner to bring a dish. Make sure you assign specific menu items as you do not want to have four people show up with a green bean casserole. You can have more time to enjoy the holiday and less time in the kitchen.” – Tracie,
  2. Plan the menu early. I recommend making your menu plan as early as possible so that you can start looking for the ingredients at the best possible prices in your weekly sales ads.” – Alea,
  3. Check out manager’s specials. Do you know that you can save 30-75% with [manager’s specials]? Items are typically getting ready to expire.” – Reelika,
  4. Buy in bulk. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat are often cheaper by the pound when purchased in bulk. Try to stick with produce that is local and [are] in season.” – Leah,
  5. Don’t serve alcohol. “Booze is expensive for a large crowd. Ask others to bring the wine/beer. If you can’t do that, go for the cheaper boxed wine.” – Manuela,

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