Thu, Oct 29, 2015 – by Jennifer Frye

The Best Ways to Organize Coupons

The Best Ways to Organize Coupons 1

Are you overwhelmed by the number of coupons you have around your home? Maybe, you spend too much time at the cashier looking for them? We gathered several tips from couponers that organize their coupons that help to save time while shopping.

1. “The way I organize my coupons is to use a little expanding file…they typically have 12-13 slots…make your sub-categories whatever it is that you buy.” – Manuela Williams,

Learn how to make this coupon organizer here.

2. Use the coupon box method…coupons are stored in categorical envelopes. The envelopes are organized alphabetically with the main categories and then multiple envelopes for each main category.” – Crystal Paine,

Learn how to use this coupon method here.

3. “My favorite coupon organization method is the three-ring binder with baseball card sleeves and clear plastic dividers…I arrange my coupons by category.” – Collin,

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