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5 Important Couponing Tips for the Clever Shopper

5 Important Couponing Tips for the Clever Shopper 1

Couponing is a great way to cut your bills and purchases in half. The process of finding the best deal is no easy feat as it takes time and patience to find the coupons that matter to you. If you are just starting out, couponing may be overwhelming until you find a method that works. However, it is important that all couponers be mindful of the rules (as each coupon has its set of requirements) when using coupons.

Here are the five important couponing tips from clever shoppers to keep in mind.

1. Follow the rules of the coupon. Never use a coupon that is expired, it is strictly prohibited unless specified differently by the store in which you intend to use it.  You will also need to be clear on the coupon wording used to describe the size and product restriction. Just because a coupon scans at the register, does not mean you have used it correctly.  – Jen,

2. Don’t clear the shelves. When you clear the shelves, the manufacturers will know it. They do not want [a lot] of coupons and have one person redeem them all. They want a large number of people to redeem them. The manufacturer will start putting limits on coupons that will only allow you to use one coupon per transaction or even per customer. – Stephanie,

3. Never take a coupon insert from a paper that you have not paid. Unfortunately, coupon theft is on the rise. Some people are stealing coupon inserts either from the store newspapers or from the [papers] of [the persons] that have [paid to receive it]. Saving a few bucks is not worth your integrity. – Karla,

4. Never make copies of coupons. Most printable websites will allow (2) prints per computer. Manufacturers set a limit on how many coupons [are] printed globally. If they allow for 100,000 coupons to be printed and 105,000 coupons come back, that means 5,000 coupons will not be reimbursed to the stores they were used. Each coupon printed has a unique number. If a copy is used the store will not get paid for the coupon. This is no different from stealing.The Q-Tipping Mom,

5. Help report coupon fraud.  There are methods in place to report suspected coupon fraud. There is something called the CIC that is the Coupon Information Corporation, and they are trying to curb misuse of coupons. Remember, misuse of coupons is ILLEGAL. If you suspect coupon fraud, if you are a manager of a store, a cashier, or [just] a bystander; if you can prove that the misuse has happened, report it! The CIC will investigate and will report to local law enforcement agencies.Todd,

Whether you are new to couponing or not, these are amazing tips to follow as you look for and use coupons. Do you have any fantastic coupon tips that everyone should know? We want to hear from you, share them on our Facebook page

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