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20 Ways to Make the Most of Your Money

20 Ways to Make the Most of Your Money 1

Save hundreds of dollars yearly by changing the way you spend. Make the most of your money with these tips below.

1. Start a garden to grow your fruit and vegetables instead of buying them from the store. You will save two-thirds of the cost.

2. Stop buying bottled water. Instead, add a water filter on the faucet and use a glass or reusable water bottle.

3. Find out when your favorite stores have sales.

4. Do buy from the dollar store for household items such as cleaning supplies, pantry items, toiletries, and more.

5. Hang your clothes to dry to save energy and cost of using the dryer.

6. Shop at the consignment or thrift stores for clothing and furniture.

7. Reduce the interest rate on your credit cards by calling the company and asking the customer service representative to match a lower interest deal you received from a competitor.

8. Find and buy items on sale that you can save for a birthday gift or special occasion.

9. Keep an emergency fund (with three to six months of living expenses) for when the unexpected happens.

10. Review monthly bills to check for any charges that look out of the ordinary. Call your service providers regarding any issues to resolve them before making a payment.

11. Join a credit union to take advantage of lower interest fees and account charges. Membership can also provide discounts off of your cell phone provider, movies, and local businesses.

12. Cancel inactive credit cards.

13. Turn any unwanted items into cash by having a garage sale, selling stuff on amazon, ebay or craigslist.  

14. Most insurance companies provide 10-15% discounts off of your home insurance policy if your family is nonsmokers or have an alarm system.

15. Wash your car instead of going to the car wash.

16. Bundle your phone, the internet, and cable to save at least $100 a year.

17. Stop overspending. Read tips to help you manage your funds better here.

18. Before you buy an item online, compare deals, search for printable coupons and coupon codes.  

19. Search the web for freebie offers on beauty, household, and kid items.

20. Consolidate your student loans to stretch out the payments.

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