Sat, May 2, 2015 – by Irena Eaves

Weird Celebrity Nail Colors: 3 We Don't Hate!

With the temperatures rising and the whole world in bloom, we here at RedPlum are itching to get our styles in synch with the bright colors outside, and that means our fingers and toes, too. Gone are the days of deep, dark tones and pale neutrals. We’ve been seeing bright colors on the fingers celebs and on the streets. We’re ready to embrace the trend, and we hope you will too!

Yellow Like Natalie P. With this trend, think bright, sunny and golden hues of yellow, perfect to go along with our long lost friend: sunshine! We’ve seen yellow fingers on celebrities from the wild to the classic, like M.I.A., Rhianna and Natalie Portman. We love it most when paired with clothing in neutral tones like gray, brown or olive green, since this bright pop of color draws plenty of attention on its own. But the stark contrast between a bright yellow and black looks lovely as well. Just make sure the only yellow is on your fingers, to avoid looking like a bumble bee!

To execute this trend, we love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color in Lightening. The color is perfect sunshine yellow, and though the collections main claim is fast drying, we found that this nail polish is surprisingly chip resistant. But beware: if you have trouble keeping a steady hand, the brush on this bottle is a little fat and may prove difficult to apply.

Blue Like Eva Mendes. Now, we know what you’re thinking and no, blue nail polish isn’t just for teenagers. We’re talking about rich, demure blues reminding us of open skies and cool oceans. We’ve spotted this trend on plenty of beautiful, stylish celebs over the age of 18 like Eva Mendes and Christina Aguilera. The color works well with just about anything since the shades aren’t so dark or bright that they overpower everything else.

You can feel good about going blue with OPI’s Breathe Life Nail Lacquer. This color was created exclusively to help the Lung Cancer Foundation of America to help in fundraising, in addition to OPI making a donation to the foundation on its own. We also love Essie’s Sag Harbor from their summer 2009 collection. Much like OPI’s Breathe Life, the color is a subdued, silvery blue that goes nicely with anything you want to wear it with.

Neon Like Louis Vuitton. No, we’re not asking you to dress in head-to-foot neon (not that we’d be entirely opposed to it for Halloween…), but we are asking you to give it a try on your tips and toes! We’ve seen this trend on the runways at Louis Vuitton and Phillip Lim, and on our celebrity style obsession, Rhianna. This being such a bright trend, we think it looks great on toes to add an unexpected dash of color while still looking perfectly grown up and pretty.

Essie has always been a major trendsetter, and the neon look is no exception. Their Neon 2009 Collection gets this trend just right, and we absolute love the shade Punchy Pink. Or, if you’re at your local drug store and you want to test out this look, we recommend Milani Nail Lacquer. At only $2.99 a pop, you can afford to try a bunch of different colors and see which works best. Our favorites are Pink Pop and Juicy Glo, the perfect neon orange.

We here at RedPlum love a classic red or pale pink nail and much as anyone else, but warm weather has us wanting to try new things. Adding a pop of color on your fingers and toes is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to try out a new trend so this spring, why not be a little adventurous?

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