Post-itday we have the opportunity to make someone's day better. One way to do it is with a simple Post-it Note.

Leave a note in your kid's lunchbox - "You're great"

Draw a pair of red lips on a Post-it and leave it on the bathroom mirror so it'll be the first thing he sees when he wakes up.

Returning a borrowed book to a friend, leave a Post-it inside the cover - "Thanks! You're a great friend"

How do you use Post-it Notes to inspire and encourage the ones you love?

Head on over to the Post-it site and share what you do to make a difference. When you share your how you use Post-it Notes with your Facebook friends, Post-it will donate $1 to - and you'll make a difference too!

Here's how:

  1. Go to the Post-it site
  2. Click on "Share a note"
  3. Click the "Like" button - if you haven't liked Post-it already.
  4. Enter your Story Title - e.g. "How I show my love"
  5. Enter your Post-it Note Story where you will describe how you use your Post-it Note to inspire, encourage and touch the ones you love.
  6. Click Browse to upload a picture to go along with your story.
  7. Choose the category that best fits your story.
  8. Click Yes to agree to the Terms of Service (required)
  9. Click Yes to receive email from Post-it (optional)
  10. Click Submit Your Note
  11. Click Okay when the Facebook Log In window pops up (be sure to disable any pop-up blockers)
  12. Click the "Share on Facebook" button - doing so will donate $1 from Post-it to!

Important Note: You have to complete steps 11 & 12 in order to have Post-it donate $1 to on your behalf!

Now, do it again! For each note you share, Post-it will donate $1 to

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