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10 Ways to Save With Your Entertainment Book

Was: $35 | Now: $5.99
10 Ways to Save With Your Entertainment Book 1

If you're crazy about coupons like us, you know and love the Entertainment Book. For those of you not familiar with the big ol' book of savings, the Entertainment Book is a book of coupons that you can use at local (and sometimes national) businesses to save loads of dough. 

You can now get the 2013 Entertainment book for only $5.99 (+ $1 shipping), a HUGE discount off the retail price of $35! Just think - just one coupon could easily pay for the book!

The book contains the following money-savings coupons:

  • Get $5 off a $50 grocery store purchase (one for every month of the year)
  • Get $5 off a $50 pharmacy purchase
  • Buy One Get One FREE (BOGO) meal at local restaurants
  • Discounted movie tickets
  • BOGO admission to area attractions
  • Travel discounts (like double rental car upgrades)
  • Oil change discounts

Here are some great tips to save the most money from your Entertainment Book.

  1. Read it - As soon as you receive your book you'll want to peruse the entire thing and pick out the deals you like.
  2. Mark it - Mark all of the deals that you like so you can easily remember what you wanted. We like those little Post-it Flags. But you can always dog-ear it. 
  3. Tear it - Tear out all of the coupons that you know you'll use. Keep them in a plastic bag (or if you're a coupon geek like us, keep them in a business card file) and keep them with you.
  4. List it -Make a list of the coupons you'll use and post it in a prominent place to remind you to use them.
  5. Play it - How often does your family play the "Where do you want to go to dinner" game. Write down all the restaurants you'd like to visit and clip each one into a paper strip and place in a basket. When you want to go to dinner, just pick a piece of paper from the basket.
  6. Leave it - After you've reviewed the book, marked the pages and tore out your favorite coupons, it's a good idea to keep the book in the car. We suggest the pocket of the driver's door - just seeing it will remind you to use those coupons. Just be sure not to relegate it to the back of the trunk. 
  7. Match it - Lots of stores nowadays will take coupons from competing stores, so keep an eye out for merchants with this policy. You might just be able to use a coupon from your book at a competing merchant with a better price.
  8. Trip it - Going on vacation? Buy a book for the area you're visiting. You'll be surprised at how much you can save!
  9. Print it - Did you know that new coupons are frequently posted on the web site? Log in and print them out periodically.
  10. App it - Now it's even easier to use your Entertainment Book coupons.There's a new mobile app that lets you search and find savings near you. Once you find an offer you like, check out how you can redeem it - with coupon from book, with membership card or key tag, and/or by showing your mobile device!

Want a closer look at the kinds of coupons available in your area? Just go to; enter your zip code; and you can view all of the coupons for your area.

Hurry! This great price of $5.99 (+ $1 shipping) is only available until Wednesday, July 31.

Entertainment Book

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