Fri, Jul 26, 2013 – by Kate Arcieri

Clean Up With $4.70 in Tide Coupons

Clean Up With $4.70 in Tide Coupons 1

Dude. Summer can wreck a whole family's wardrobe right quick.

There's grass stains, chlorine fading, dripped ice cream, skinned knees, salt water, mud, sidewalk chalk, finger paint, buttery corn, messy ketchup-filled barbeques and so much more. They're all signs that you're doing summer right, and enjoying the  best that the warm months offer up. But they all have to be stain treated and washed by someone. And we're guessing that's you.

So good news for your wallet, if not your laundry back-log: this week there are $4.70 in printable Tide coupons to help you with all of those set-in summer stains. You'll find printable coupons for regular-old detergent, plus some of the specialty products to make doing laundry easier and get those stains out more effectively. We swear, for instance, by the Tide To Go Pen for hitting stains when they happen. Not only do you get an increased chance of getting the little bugger out come wash time, the To Go pen also lets you get back to summer livin' and not worry that it's setting in more every moment as you try to relax. (Are we the only ones stressing like that?)

There's also a coupon for a cool product we've been meaning to try: Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. If you have a front-load washer you may also have a funky washing machine odor to boot. This product is designed to get the machine back to fighting shape so it's fresh and sparkling and ready to make your clothes just as fresh.

Here are the Tide coupons available (at press time!):


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