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Top 5 Healthy Snacks on the Go!

Top 5 Healthy Snacks on the Go! 1

What do you grab when you get the afternoon hungries? While you might be tempted to hit the drive through, there are healthier (and cheaper) options available. Registered dietitian Christina Baudis offers up these ideas for healthy snacks that are perfect for a grab-and-go lifestyle.

"Snacking protein-rich foods between meals boosts energy levels and can limit overeating at meals", says Baudis. "Just be sure to choose healthy snacks with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds or low-fat dairy", she says.

The next time you’re looking for something to bring hunger to a halt, Baudis suggests reaching for one of these healthy snacks:

  1. Popcorn is full of protein, fiber, vitamin B, whole-grains that keep you full.
  2. Dried Fruit has an ideal mix of vitamins, minerals, and fiber; a handful will help you to feel full.
  3. Carrots contain lots of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. A perfect snack is 7 or 8 baby carrots.
  4. Trail Mix with a blend of nuts, seeds, grains and fruit, is packed with protein which will keep you feeling fuller, longer.
  5. Low Fat String Cheese is a good source of calcium and protein. 

In addition to being healthy, these types of snacks are much easier on your wallet than stopping for fast food every day. Save even more money on these healthy snacks with our RedPlum Grocery Coupons.

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