Jessica Alba Wants Have Free Diapers & Wipes

And they're even eco-friendly.
Jessica Alba Wants Have Free Diapers & Wipes 1
Image courtesy of The Honest Co.

Jessica Alba might have an image problem. Mention her name at a party and it seems to put the women off...and turn the men on. But ladies, we may have had her all wrong. Because now the celebri-business-owner and mommy to Honor and Haven wants to give us some free diapers. And free laundry detergent. And free baby wipes. And free face & body lotion. And free shampoo & body wash. Okay, now we like her.

Alba's the founder of The Honest Co, purveyors of lotions, diapers and more--all of which look cute and aren't a blight on the planet. And right now, for just the cost of shipping & handling, Honest is offering a whole host of free samples of their stuff--all of it made from 100 percent non-toxic, chlorine-free, sustainable & plant-based materials and without harsh chemicals.

You can sign up for one free trial or all three. If you sign up for all three you get:

diapers (7 count)

wipes (10 count)

shampoo + body wash

face + body lotion

laundry detergent

prenatal supplements

DHA/Omega-3 supplements

What's the catch? To get this big-old-haul of free samples you'll have to sign up for a free trial membership with The Honest Company, with recurring monthly shipments. But you DON'T have to pay for any merchandise to get those samples. You DO have to remember to cancel your membership within seven days of receiving your free trial. Read all the details on their site and make sure you can trust yourself to cancel in time--or sign up, pay and enjoy your monthly mailings. Their diapers are painfully cute, so your little one will enjoy a super-stylish summer.

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