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The Only Father’s Day Gift Idea You’ll Ever Need

Is it just us or is finding the perfect Father’s Day gift more difficult than Mother’s Day?

For most of us, we sort of know how to treat our mom, or the other mamas in our life. You take her to brunch. You get her a pedicure. You buy her sumthin’ pretty. And the best part is, chances are she’s not going to tell you if what you bought her is way off the mark.

MagazinesWe've found that most Dads aren't much for pampering, have no interest in brunch, and frankly doesn’t need a bunch of brick-a-brack cluttering up the house. And he IS going to tell you if your gift is off base.

That’s why giving magazine subscriptions as gifts is practically a religion with us. We can’t stop preaching the brilliance of giving people something they’re actually interested in. Magazine subscriptions can be chosen to perfectly mirror the interests of the person you’re gifting, without your having to understand that interest. For example, we’ve got no idea what model airplane kits would be too amateur for our dad. But we sure know how to sign him up for a year of Model Airplane Enthusiasts Monthly.

And no hobby is off the map. If Dad collects miniature ponies or loves sculpting Bonsai trees, you’re still covered. Plus, you don’t have to leave your desk. Order a magazine subscription online, print out the gift acknowledgement, wrap that thing up and you’re good to go.

Sure, it’s an easy and inexpensive gift and those are big selling points. But the best part: you love your Dad, and he’ll actually love this gift. Nuff said.

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