Mon, Jun 10, 2013 – by Megan Capone

WOW! Take $120 OFF NOOK HD Tablet

This week only $149 Nook HD+Do you prefer paper to plastic? I mean... book to ebook? Are you a traditionalist who would you rather flip through the paper pages of an actual, physical book or are you jumping on the bandwagon and enjoy the convenience of an ereader?

Did you know that in the past four years ebooks have gone from 1% of the book market to 30%? Or that by 2016 half of the books sold will be ebooks?

Sounds like a trend to me.

And now that Barnes & Noble is offering it's Nook ereader at it's lowest price ever...

  • $129 HD 8GB – originally, $199 (Savings $70)
  • $149 HD 16GB – originally, $229 (Savings $80)
  • $149 HD+ 16GB – originally, $269 (Savings $120)
  • $179 HD+ 32GB – originally, $299 (Savings $ 120)

Now might just be the perfect time to see what the fuss is all about! Hurry - this great pricing ends June 16, 2013!

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