Sun, Jun 9, 2013 – by Megan Capone

Want Free Diapers for a Year?

Having a baby is expensive. You wouldn't believe how much furniture, accessories, clothes, toys and food can cost ya. Don't even get us started on diapers.

If you're expecting, we feel your pain. In the wallet. But guess what? We've got this awesome opportunity to share with you. FREE baby coupons and samples. What a relief!

Sign up for’s free newsletters and you’ll get access to a whole lot of free stuff. The one we’re most excited about is a crack at a year’s worth or free disposable of cloth diapers—winner’s choice…

To get access to the freebies you’ll not only have to join the list, but also pick at least one other special offer to opt into. It’s painless, since the offers are things you’ll want anyway. We picked a free subscription to American Baby magazine, for instance. Next you’ll be presented with a number of additional “if you liked that one, you might like this one” offers. Pick any you like, but no more sign-ups are required. At the end of the registration you’ll get your chance to enter the sweeps for the free year of diapers. Plus you’re now signed up for those free e-mails, which promises will be packed with opportunities for free baby samples, baby-related coupons and more, plus week-by-week pregnancy updates and more…

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