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Save Money On Electronics - Trade In!

Save Money On Electronics - Trade In! 1

What kind of technology adopter are you? Are you an early adopter like me who immediately falls in love with the newest gadgets and is of the first to own them? You could be park of the majority - the average joe who picks up gadgets after its first or second model release. Or you might be grandpa laggard who still doesn't own a cell phone.

As part of the early adopter category, I'm usually one of the first ones to get my hands on the newest electronics and as such I am constantly wanting to upgrade to the newest version or release. Case in point: I bought an Apple iPad when they first came out. So now I have first version and am dying to get my hands on the newest Apple - iPad mini or the with the fancy new Apple - iPad with Retina display.

Apple - iPad mini Wi-Fi - 16GB - White & Silver

But, along with being an early adopter I'm also very frugal and it's really hard to justify spending the money on a new version of what I already have. Which is why I still have the 1st Generation iPad.

However, today I found a loophole! Eureka! I have found the justification to upgrade. It's called the Best Buy Trade-In program and it allows you to trade in your previously used electronics for Best Buy Gift Cards to purchase the shiny, new-feature-laden version. I visited the Trade-In Estimator and my 1st-gen iPad in good condition is worth $110. That's a nice little chunk of change to use toward my preeeeeciousssss iPad Mini. Come to mama!

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