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6 Products to Make Your Life Easier

6 Products to Make Your Life Easier 1

Life is busy. Sometimes you wish you could just slow it down. Or at least hit the pause button. But now you don’t need to thanks to these six products and services guaranteed to cut time off your day. If time is money, then we are about to save you a whole lot of money.



If you think the Lollacup looks familiar, it might be because the husband/wife team was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. This revolutionary sippy cup has a straw with a weighted bottom — so no matter how many times your child tilts it, they are guaranteed to get the last drop. No more cries of “Mommy, come help me!” The easy grip handle comes off so it can fit a cup holder. And equally impressive is the fact that the pair has been steadfast about keeping their BPA-free product “Made in the USA”.

Lollacup - Happy Orange

Itzy Ritzy Bags

Have you ever thrown a water bottle into your bag, only to have it sweat all over your important papers? Or worse yet, leak? The innovative company Itzy Ritzy has created waterproof — and stylish — reusable bags perfect for every occasion. That soaking swimsuit that normally gets thrown into the plastic grocery bag — oops, who knew it had a hole? No more. Pens, toiletries, iPod… The ways you can use it goes on and on. And they also make miniature bags perfect for your mini me to tote around their snacks, Legos, hairbows, whatever.

Itzy Ritzy™ Snack Happened™ Reusable & Washable Snack Bag - Funky Monkey Remix

HICKIES Elastic Lacing System

Who has time to tie their shoes anymore? All that one bunny ear, two bunny ears. It’s exhausting. Not to mention unnecessary, thanks to HICKIES Elastic Lacing System. This ingenious product turns any shoe into a slip-on — even your running shoes! Now you can use the time you were spending lacing up your sneakers to train for that half marathon. You’re welcome.

HICKIES Elastic Lacing System


Cloud 9 Living

How much time do you waste searching for the perfect gift, only to find out the person already has it? What do you think they would say if you gave them a memorable experience, like a hot air balloon ride or time behind the wheel of a race car? Check out Cloud 9 Living, a company determined to change the world of gift giving by offering unforgettable experiences. Never again have to see someone fake a smile over a gift you gave. And the best part about it? You don’t have to leave the house to get it AND it doesn’t require wrapping.


What do you get when you take a boxed hair color that you never have to leave your house to get and combine it with salon results? eSalon (new clients get 50% off 1st order), a new affordable online service that provides experienced colorists who help guide you in picking out your perfect customized color. Your mailed package comes with step-by-step instructions and fun extras like leave-in conditioner, stain remover and gloves. And if you don’t absolutely love it they have 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t you wish your salon would offer that same promise?

24Hour Fitness

Don’t you just hate it when you’re lying awake at 3a.m. thinking about all the things you have to do the next day? And then the next day you’re so busy doing everything you were worrying about that you’re too tired to work out. Problem solved: 24Hour Fitness. Now you can work out anytime — 3a.m. or 300 sheep in. Whenever it’s good for you. Get a FREE 7 Day Gym Membership Trial for 24Hour Fitness.

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