Mon, Feb 25, 2013 – by Annmarie Seldon

Unruly Nails: Best, Least Expensive Way To Care for Nails

Unruly Nails: Best, Least Expensive Way To Care for Nails 1

For some reason my nails grow in the winter, not in the summer and during the winter is when they tend to break more, cuticles become unruly and hands are extremely dry. I have found that the best way to care for unruly nails is to come up with a few inexpensive ways to treat them.  Here are a few ideas to care for your nails.

  1. Cuticle oil is a must - you can go to the store and buy cuticle oil or just use olive oil at home. You can directly dab it on your nails or my favorite is to grab a small bowl and add the olive oil and dip your whole hand it, soak for as long as you want and the longer the better. You can also buy the generic brand or drugstore brand of cuticle oil to save money.

  2. Get rid of old equipment - Files and trimmers should be replaced once a year or if you file your nails a lot, more often than that. Just look at your file as you can tell when you need a replacement. Buy your nail files in bulk or look for special packages that include the files, trimmers and buffers together and that way you will save $.

  3. Start with a professional manicure - To save money you can do your own manicure but if you want to start with a professional manicure look for special offers at new nail studios as they usually offer a new client special. When you start with a fresh manicure it is easy to follow the shape, care for your pushed back cuticles and to make a professional manicure last even longer simply fill in the chips with a dab of polish and then add a fresh coat. When your nails are painted they look better and you are more apt to take care of them when they look good (instead of ignoring them!)

  4. Gloves - inside and out!  At night slather on a heavy hand cream and put extra on the cuticle area and leave your gloves on overnight. If you don't want to invest in light manicure gloves use socks over your hands. In the winter I have my "lotion" gloves. I slather on lotion before I head out the door and put an old pair of winter gloves on (don't really care if the lotion gets on the inside) and the moisture seals in and your have nice soft cuticles!

Annmarie Seldon is founder and owner of AMS Communications, a public relations consulting practice specializing in consumer and healthcare campaigns. She is a consumer product expert, company spokesperson, entrepreneur, TV/radio contributor, style contributor, blogger and mom of two.  She blogs at where she writes about business, lifestyle and product trends. Find her on twitter

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