Post – by Steven D’Arcangelo

All I Want for My Birthday is...

February is a busy month full of special days -- Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, International Condom Day, which is coincidentally the same day as Valentine’s (I’m just saying). But hands down the second most important day is my birthday on the 29th. (The first most important would be my wife’s b-day on the 18th) I bet you’re wondering what I want for gifts. Go on, wonder. I’ll give you a minute. Done? Well, wonder no more! Here’s my wish list. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.)

Journey’s Greatest Hits

I somehow missed the big deal of this band the first time around. I don’t know what was less appealing -- the cheesy videos or the ugly cover art. Whatever it was, Steve Perry and company didn’t do it for me. Recently, however, I wrote a screenplay about baseball curses and needed a song lyric about belief. Cue the radio I was listening to, which started playing “Don’t Stop Believin’”. That led to getting hooked on “Any Way You Want It”, “Only the Young”, “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”. So why haven’t I gotten this CD yet? That damn cover art! Seriously, what’s that thing supposed to be -- a phoenix? A scarab?! I gotta know.

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, volumes 2 and 3

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Indy fan. I’ll see anything he’s in. I may not like it, but I’ll see it. In terms of quality, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series (renamed in this DVD box set) falls somewhere in the middle of the franchise. It’s not as good as the original three Harrison Ford flicks, but it’s leagues better than the fourth. This is why it’s on my Wish List and not already in my collection -- If I had to pay for it, I’d like it. If it were gifted to me, I’d love it. (Hint, hint, nudge.)

Gillette Mach 3 razor blades, 15 count

Indy may not shave much, but I do. Having said that, should razor blades be on my Wish List, a list that by definition should feature fun things I wouldn’t normally buy for myself? Yes, because they’re ridiculously expensive! I’ve compared blade prices at every brick ‘n’ mortar store around and Amazon, while still costly, is the least costly, so this item is continuously on my list. 

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Have Frisbee, Will Travel has been my motto since college. I keep a ‘bee in my car trunk at all times because you never know when a game of Ultimate could happen. Once I was stuck in traffic with a pal. Alongside the jammed freeway was a park perfect for disc throwing, so we pulled over to play until the gridlock unlocked. Unfortunately upon opening the trunk, I remembered I borrowed my wife’s car and no Fris’ was to be found. My wife’s Honda doesn’t need spare tires. It needs spare Frisbees.

So come the 29th when I blow out the candles on my cake, the wish I’ll be wishing for is my Amazon list. I’m not greedy. Any item will do. (Nudge, hint, nudge, hint, hint, hint, hint.)

Steven D'Arcangelo is a transplanted Bostonian living in LA with his lovely transplanted wife Carrie. When not reviewing films, he writes screenplays. When not writing screenplays, he does graphic design and illustration. When not doing graphic design and illustration, he denies being a workaholic. When not denying he's a... Well, you get the idea.

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