Mon, Feb 18, 2013 – by Lisa Costantini

Save Your Sanity…

Or at least look like you have with these 5 essential eye creams.
Save Your Sanity… 1

Another year is here. You know what that means? Yes, a fresh start, but also some of the same headaches as the year before: work, bills, family obligations, a never ending to do list. It’s enough to keep you awake at night. But since dark circles shouldn’t be on anyone’s list, here are 5 essential eyes creams guaranteed to leave the bags for the groceries you still need to buy. Arghhhh!

  1. A go-to brand when it comes to skin care. Perricone MD sells a No Concealer Concealer with SPF 45. Just in case a tropical vacation is in your plans for 2013. $45Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer
  2. Made with 100% natural ingredients and available in four shades, Organic Infused Eye Treatment by Afterglow Cosmetics, $29.
  3. Just the thing you need to help minimize the signs of fatigue and stress after an all-nighter working on your taxes. Clarins Skin-Soothing Eye Mask, $33.99.
    Clarins Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask
  4. For a bargain, check out e.l.f. Studio Eye Refresh priced at only $3. It promises to brighten and refresh. Because who doesn’t need that?
    e.l.f. Studio Eye Refresh
  5. Stila Brighten and Correct Concealer, $28 hides your imperfections. Okay, maybe not all of them!
    Stila Cosmetics Brighten and Correct Concealer

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