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One Day Only: A Free Month of Hulu

It'll be gone soon!
One Day Only: A Free Month of Hulu 1

Okay, readers, this is your lucky day. If you rush on over to Facebook and load the Wrapp app (it's free, and also available as an iPhone app) right now you can give up to 25 of your FB friends a FREE month of Hulu Plus.

And then, ask 'em to give you a month right back!

It's a great deal because Hulu's normal free trial period's only a week. After that it'll cost you $7.99/month.

Wrapp's a cool new social sharing app that lets you gift people in your social network with freebies from retailers you already love. Sephora, H&M and Threadless are just a few of the folks who have offered up free gift cards ($5, $10 and more) to be given out through Wrapp. There are also some items that you can pay to give. 

But get moving, this deal ends at midnight ET, December 5th.

(If you didn't get the Hulu deal in time, you can still grab the Wrapp app and share some free shopping opps with your crew. We'll take the $25 free gift card to Rent the Runway, please!) 

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