An Ode to Frozen Food Coupons

Three Ways to Make ‘em Work Harder
An Ode to Frozen Food Coupons 1

Oh how we love you, frozen food coupons.

When we’ve got the available freezer space, you are the pie-in-the-sky coupon that lets us stock up with abandon—without any worries that the steals we scored will spoil. How do we make the most of you? Here are three ways:

Jump on “Save $1 When you Buy 5” Deals. This is a favorite deal of manufacturers of lower-calorie frozen dinners in particular. At first glance a minimum purchase of five or ten items may seem too high to get you excited about the coupon. But not when the coupon’s for items that go on sale frequently. Bank these coupons for when you spot a good price in your store’s circular. Then stock up on ten or fifteen for weeks when you know your family will be working/at school late. Lots cheaper than take-out or delivery, right? In addition to scanning your stores’ circulars for sales, keep an eye on the freezer case when you roll by. Frozen dinners routinely carry peelies, coupons that can be peeled right off the item you’re buying and used immediately. Pair those with a sale for maximum savings.

Don’t Forget the Frozen Protein. Think it’s only carbs that you’ll find in cold storage? Remember that there’s plenty of below-zero meat and poultry at your local store. When you find coupons for those items, you’re really saving double. That’s because the prices on frozen proteins are usually far lower than buying those items over at the meat or fish case to start with—even before your discount. And you don’t’ have to use ‘em in the next three days either.

If All Else Fails: Stock up in March. March is National Frozen Foods month, and as such many manufacturers of frosty eats step up their coupon availability. In-store you may find that your grocer slashes prices temporarily on frozen fruits, veggies, pizzas, waffles, etc.

What’s your best tip for frozen food savings?

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