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Summer Hair Disasters

Avoiding coloring mistakes caused by hot weather
Summer Hair Disasters 1

Here are some tips for maintaining a stunning "do" when the weather is, well... hot. 

We spoke with uber-experienced colorist Tiffany Hennessey who clued us in on quick tips to follow when it comes to lightening your locks. In general Hennessey says it’s better for almost everyone to go lighter in the summer. Here’s her skin tone-specific advice on coloring your tresses for those lazy, hazy days.

Natural Blonds
Hennessey says summer is the best time of year to go bold. She suggests even blonds add a few highlights during the season, to give their hair that perfect sun-kissed look. Blonds also need to use a product that will keep their color pure, she says.

Natural Brunettes
Because brown hair tends to lighten up so much from the sun on its own, Hennessey suggests that brunettes look to caramel colors for the summer months. It’s a subtle way to brighten up your hair without making it look unnatural and bleached out.

Natural Redheads
Remember that Hennessey said almost everyone should go lighter for the summer? She didn’t mean you, redhead. During the summer, she says, you need to sustain your color and do everything you can to keep it from fading. She suggests investing in a good product that will protect hair from the sun, heat and water to maintain those radiant red hues.

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