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Summer Beauty Tips for Moms-to-be

Products to help during pregnancy
Summer Beauty Tips for Moms-to-be 1
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Mom's there is help for your Summer pregnancy

Let’s face it. Its no fun being three months pregnant, let alone nine, in midsummer. The heat and humidity conspire to make even mild pregnancy symptoms like itchy skin, swelling and that "glow" (a.k.a acne) unbearable. That makes summer also the season for moms, and dads-to-be, to get a PhD in pampering. You can take care of yourself, and enjoy the last few months of sleep, without breaking the bank. Here are four essentials to summer maternity pampering.

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action. Oh if only you had a crystal ball – will you or won’t you get stretch marks? Why not hedge your bets with a little belly rub every night. This cream, by the baby product leaders Mustela, will help prevent and minimize pregnancy stretch marks. It includes the elastoregulator, Lupeol, combined with AHA moisturizers and softening oils to help increase elasticity. (Available at Sephora for about $40.)

Soothing Foot Relief by basq. Your feet are swollen, even though you can’t really see them anymore, and you’re not supposed to have a spa pedicure because the jury’s still out on the safety of manis and pedis during pregnancy. But you still need to pamper those piggies. Grab a tube of this cooling and soothing cream. Lavender aromatherapy, green tea, eucalyptus, cucumber, lavender and aloe vera ingredients combine to soothe tired feet. (Available at for about $20.)

Anthelios Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen, SPF 15. Pregnancy Glow? Well, not exactly. If your obgyn hasn’t told you this yet, then you may want to fire them! Be prepared – pregnant skin is extra sensitive to pigmentation changes. That’s a fancy way of saying that pregnancy hormones cause the body to produce more pigment, making you more prone to age spots. Double up on the face and hand sunscreen. Anthelios sunscreen which contains Mexoryl is the latest in sunscreen technology with UVA/UVB protection. (Available at for about $30.)

Solace Gel Soothing Eye Mask. It’s true…you won’t sleep well again for years. Here’s an easy and affordable way to enjoy those pre-baby nights in soothing comfort. This mask is designed to pamper tired eyes and ease the sinus problems that can flare in summer and during pregnancy. (Available at for about $7.)

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