Tue, Aug 14, 2012

5 Summer Lipstick Don'ts

5 Summer Lipstick Don'ts 1
Savvy lipstick wearer applies makeup in the car

Summer lips are the icing on the cake. The cherry on the sundae of your sun-kissed face. But they don't call for the same treatment as your winter pout. Follow these five rules for a healthy, stylish summertime kisser.

  1. Don't Wear Lipliner. We're pro lipliner most of the year. But come summertime it adds an extra layer of color and texture that just isn't necessary in the daytime. The drying effects of summer sun can also cause liner to feather. So save the liner for evening events where you're looking for a dramatic look, but don't even think about lining before a day by the shore.

  2. Don't Go Too Creamy. Creamy lipstick feels amazing going on, and can create a natural, neutral look we love. And it can also feel like your lips are wearing a mink coat when the temp hits ninety degrees. For the truly dog days of summer try more translucent shades, or even lip stain. Just as you would with your clothes, consider weight when you apply summer cosmetics.

  3. Don't Skip the Balm. Hopefully your lip care regime includes liberally slathering on a stick of something soothing before you go to bed. But during the summer it's more important than ever to keep a medicated stick on-hand to repair some of the damage that the drying sun has done to your mouth.

  4. Don't Sparkle. Last summer was all about metallics, even metallics at the beach. And we will admit that some lipcolor with sparkle can look fine when the mercury rises. But in general it's a good rule that lipstick with a metallic sparkle is going to look like too much for a sunny day, and even for a laid-back summer evening. Save the sparkle for the holiday parties six months from now.

  5. Don't Pick Colors Based on Your Winter Skin. After a certain age, most of us are clear on what colors go with our skin. But we tend to forget that, if we let our faces get sun, those color matches may not be as good. There's a theory that everything looks good against tan skin. It's a theory you shuldn't subscribe to! Take twenty minutes and test each of your favorite lipsticks against your newly bronze face to be sure they look as good as they did on the pale you. And if they don't, no worries. Simply slide them in the drawer and grab them again come October.

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