5 Steps to a Healthy Winter Lawn

Bears hibernate; lawns don’t. That means even though most of us have got another month of winter weather ahead, our lawns can’t be left to languish as we loll about enjoying the last weeks of no mowing until next November.Below, a primer on getting to know your yard at this time of year. Read on so you can anticipate your yard’s needs and keep grass growing green for all the foreseeable seasons to come.

1. Your green expanses need watering even in wintertime. If your area experiences a couple of weeks sans snow or rain, give the sprinklers a winter workout.

2. Consider leaving the leaves. If you don’t have a problem with pests such as mice, many experts contend that a nice blanket of autumn leaves will keep grass cozy through heavy snowfalls in northern climates.

3. Keep it clean. Heavy objects such as bikes and toys pulled out for unseasonably warm days spent outside can damage delicate grass.

4. Stick to the sidewalks. Snow may cover ground, but it doesn’t protect it. Use the same care as you would in summer and avoid treading too much on the green stuff underneath.

5. Use the next few weeks to take stock of your gardening supplies. If moisture has seeped into leftover fertilizer, replace it with a fresh bag. If grass seeds haven’t been stored in a cool dry place, toss them.

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