Top 10! Cool Beach Stuff for Kids

By Johnna Rizzo

Keeping cool is key in the summer months, and little ones are no exception. That translates to plenty of pool- and seaside hours. Here’s a hit list of what to put on your little ones before making a splash.

1. At just $2.95 per pair, Swimways’s Good Housekeeping-approved swimmies mean essential pool safety has never been such a steal.

2. In Nemo or shark shapes, TYR Fish Fin’s Junior Silicone Cap is clever and cute, but also powerful protection from chlorine and rays.

3. Embedded fruit scents make Finis Lane’s 4 Fruit Basket Goggles a delicious safety choice.

4. Speedo’s rainbow earplugs keep water, and potential infections, out of sensitive little ear canals for a mere $4.99 for a set of four.

5. With a 50 plus UV protection factor, foam inserts along the sides for helping little guys maintain balance and flotation built right in, Speedo’s Pollywog suit is a stylish way to help your kids build water confidence.

6. No one wants to think about in-the-pool accidents. But suffice it to say that $8.35 is a small price to pay to avoid them with panache in Aqua Gear’s sea animal-dappled swim diapers.

7. You may think they’re passe for parents, but Technicolor Crocs are adorable ways to keep kid’s tender feet off overheated asphalt and prickly poolside surfaces.

8. It’s an ultraviolet jungle out there, and RightStart’s water-resistant sun hat with a lively animal print and 50 plus SPF is the way-cute way to keep 100 percent of rays at bay even while on the water.

9. Ladybugs frolic on sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection and attached snug-fitting straps. ABC Shades Red Ladybag Toddler Sunglasses make eye protection easy and adorable—and are hard for even two-year-olds to lose!

10. The Ticklish Turtle Sunshade Boat means your toddler can also log a little pool time while floating easy—and keeping their especially delicate skin is covered with this cute, turtle-shaped sunshade float.

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