Wed, May 9, 2012 – by Linsey B. Knerl

Could Your Coupons be Getting you More?

Think all stores honor coupons in the same way? Actually, it's possible to save even more than face value by learning about special promotions and policies your store may have when it comes to redeeming those pint-sized savings tools. Read on for just a few of the ways you may be able to get even more from those coupons at local stores.

Double coupon days still exist at many shopping outlets – you just need to know where. Ask your grocery store if they have any special days where coupon values are automatically doubled, or even tripled, and save those coupons. While most stores will cap the savings amount off at around $1, it is still a super way to bring home the bacon, and add in some free eggs.

Looking for an even more fabulous deal? Get maximum savings by combining a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon. Most retailers will allow you to use both for the purchase of a single item, and that means twice the savings.

Don't toss those expired coupons just yet! Before you trash the old ones, see if any retailers near you will accept them. Store policy will vary, but some local and chain stores will take them up to one month past the expiration date. Don't have a store that will take them? Put them to good use by donating them to a deserving military family. Many overseas military commissaries accept manufacturer's cents-off coupons for up to six months past their printed expiration dates. Contact your local base for information on how you can help.

Paired with a perfect sale, coupons are the quickest way to snag the lowest-price on thousands of items! (And of course there's no better place to snag those great offers than right here on

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