Thu, Apr 1, 2010 – by Linsey Knerl

3 Cheap Tricks For Greening Baby

It's Earth Month, and for many, it's a great time to renew our commitment to taking care of the world around us. Even with a baby in tow, it's possible to make some small changes that can add up to big solutions. Here are our favorite simple and affordable ways to "green" baby's routine.

Wash with Cold: Most of the energy used to wash clothes is consumed when heating the water. By using a cold wash cycle for anything other than the really dirty stuff (icky cloth diapers, for example), you can save a little cash and feel good about your energy usage. Most liquid detergents work well in cold water, but if you're having difficulty getting the grime out, consider the newer "cold water" detergents on the market.

Ditch the "Other" Disposables: While it is debatable whether switching to cloth diapers is the only way to green your diaper duty, many parents have found a sensible solution in substituting other reusable products into their diapering routine. Cloth baby wipes, for example, are easily dampened for cleaning a baby's more delicate areas. They are reportedly softer, safer (void of chemical soaps), and come in fashionable designs. (Just toss them into the wash to avoid landfill guilt.)

Know your Food: Organic foods used to be available only to the resourceful and the wealthy, but there are now small organic food sections in most every corner and big box grocer. While the cost to feed baby organic can be a bit overwhelming at first, it's affordable if you do it with planning and flexibility. Many times the "organic" version can go on sale to well below the cost of regular foods, and items such as cereal, formula, and canned goods can keep until they go on sale again. (Don't forget that many large organic companies offer coupons, too!)

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