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RedPlum's Lisa Reynolds Featured in Better Homes and Gardens

20 Sneaky Ways to Save
RedPlum's Lisa Reynolds Featured in Better Homes and Gardens 1

Better Homes and Gardens recently asked Lisa Reynolds - Mom Saver-in Chief at RedPlum - to share some of her secrets to save money. Lisa contributed the following savings planning tips to the article 20 Sneaky Ways to Save.

To maximize the benefits of shopping sales, make your meal plan flexible. "If boneless chicken breasts are on sale this week, I can plan meals for the whole week around that and protect the budget," says Lisa Reynolds, mother of two in Northville, Michigan.

Before they head to the store, smart shoppers check the sales online and in the newspaper. Reynolds is known as Red Plum's Mom-Saver-in-Chief because of how she works the shopping site's deals.

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