Tue, Aug 17, 2010 – by Linsey Knerl

3 Healthy Fan Favorites

What to Serve at Your Sports Viewing Parties

There are a number of sensible options available for those who want flavor and a figure. And though sports parties are often thought of as the spot for easy, cheesy noshes you can cook up some vittles that are healthy and will still have the sports crowd chomping.

Nuts are a perfect food designed to give you a filling feeling without regret. While some nuts are obviously a better choice (think walnuts, almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts), they are a better-for-you choice than the standby bag of potato chips. Choose a nut that is natural, not-salted, and packaged without excess oils and fats for maximum benefits. When cooking up your March Madness menu, consider making up your own personal snack mix made with heart-healthy nuts. We love this recipe from for spiced glazed walnuts that can be made in minutes in the microwave. That's right, no oven required!

Olives are a delicate snacking choice that can give a hint of luxury to any snack session. With many grocers offering fresh olive bars, you can take home a few varieties for your daily dose of vitamin E, iron, and fiber. The fats contained in most olives are actually good for you – just be aware that they are also high in sodium, when packaged for convenience. While it's easy to slap some olives in a bowl and call it a day when entertaining, we prefer this recipe for Kalamata Olive Dip that pairs healthy ingredients into a scoopable concoction that no one will even suspect is good for them.

Tuna fish has gotten a bad rap for it’s involvement in creating unhealthy levels of mercury in people who eat it too often, but we love it, anyway. (While it would take a lot of canned or fresh tuna to cause concern, it’s wise to eat it no more than a few times a week.) Tuna lovers can look forward to selenium, magnesium, potassium, an assortment of B vitamins and the coveted Omega-3 with each tuna-inspired snacking choice. Enjoy it on a low-fat cracker, or over a fresh bed of greens for a filling feast in-between meals. But when planning to serve tuna at a party, we like this recipe for tuna stuffed poblano peppers that is low fat and packed with flavor. The bonus is that these finger foods don't require paper plates.

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