Post – by Jessica Reinhart

5 Household Problems FixedFree!

Over here at The Plum we’re all about finding clever ways to make use of the items we already have on hand, rather than trotting off to the store to buy a new thingamajig every time a need arises. 

In fact, we like to think we’ve make an art of finding new uses for common household items.  Here are just a few unique ways you can solve your dilemmas using every day items.  Yes, we love you that much.  You’re welcome!

  • Dilemma 1: Bags of chips, cereal and other foodstuff go stale quickly once opened. 
    Quick Fix 1: Binder clips
    You know, the kind you probably have a big box of in your office; the ones that rarely get used.  Fold top of bag over several times and clip with a binder clip and prolong the life of your perishables. 

  • Dilemma 2: Dusty car dashboard.
    Quick Fix 2: Baby wipes.
    If you’re a parent you likely have them on hand at all times anyway.  If you’re not, you’ll love them because they’re super inexpensive and come in handy in a pinch.  Simply pull out a baby wipe and run along any dusty or dirty surfaces in your car.  It’s a quick way to clean when your car needs a little TLC. 

  • Dilemma 3: Mildewed grout in your shower
    Quick Fix 3: An old toothbrush.
    Instead of throwing away those old toothbrushes keep them on hand for cleaning (we recommend marking them “for cleaning only” with a permanent marker).  Depending on the severity of the mildew you may be able to get away with a spray of warm water on the surface and a simple scrub with the toothbrush.  If the stain is more severe spray on your favorite mildew remover and scrub it in with the bristles of the toothbrush.  Your shower will be looking like new in no time. 

  • Dilemma 4: Splattered food in your microwave
    Quick Fix 4: A coffee filter.
    Protect your microwave (and drastically reduce your cleaning efforts) by putting a flattened coffee filter over bowls or plates of food in the microwave. 

  • Dilemma 5: Too many unidentifiable keys on your keychain
    Quick Fix 5: Nail polish.
    Assign a different color to each key and quickly identify the ones you use most often.  Simply lay keys flat and apply a different color polish to the top of each one. 

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