Thu, Jul 29, 2010 – by Janice Biniok

Inexpensive Hairball Help?

For cat owners in hairball hell, we've rounded up some sures, starting at $3. It’s not pleasant to listen to your cat coughing and gagging on a hairball. It’s even less appealing to clean up the mess afterwards. But as repugnant as they are to humans, hairballs are no less detestable to cats. There are only two ways fastidiously grooming felines can expel the hair they inevitably ingest, but vomiting would probably not be their first choice.

Unfortunately, domestication does not always offer cats the same opportunities as their wild cousins to consume plant material, like grass, to help ingested hair pass through their digestive systems. But you can help minimize hairballs, and thus, discomfort to your cat, by using one of the many commercially prepared or homemade remedies available. However, keep in mind that we have emerged from the dark ages of cod liver oil and bloodletting.

In other words, most cats would rather cough up hairballs than lick petroleum jelly from their paws or have pills crammed down their throats! So be kind to your cat and give her a treatment she’ll love!

For the occasional hairball sufferer, hairball control cat treats, like Pounce Hairball Treat-Ment and Friskies Hairball Remedy Cat Treats, are digestive aids disguised as kitty candies. They are irresistible to cats and economical for cat owners. Be sure to read dosage instructions, because, just like any over-the-counter treatment, your cat should not be given an unlimited supply regardless of how much she me-owls for more!

For a chronic hairball case, consider feeding a hairball control cat food. Iams, Eagle Pack, Eukanuba, Pro Plan and Premium Edge brands are all high-quality, great tasting choices. Hairball treatment, after all, isn’t just about keeping carpets clean; it’s about keeping cats comfortable and content!

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