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Back-to-School List of Essentials

Have you picked up the essentials that the kids will need for school? If not, we have you covered with our back-to-school list. Whether you are shopping online or at the store, use this list to save time on buying key items.
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New Coupon Offers Aug.30

Sneak peeks of what you can find on the site early Sunday, Aug. 30. We have the latest coupon offers in beauty, grocery, and household products. Plan and prepare to hit the stores for these items before these deals are over.
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15 Minute Dinner Recipe: Chipotle Sausage Bolillos

Make a quick dinner with this 15-minute dinner recipe using one of the latest premium smoked sausages from McCormick® Grill Mates®, Chipotle & Roasted Garlic with Cheddar Cheese. Grab the coupon offer to get a $1.00 off of their premium sausages...
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Free Haircuts for Kids & Other Freebies

This time in the month of August is busy for the entire family. Summer vacations are winding down, and the kids are going back to school. Take advantage of these freebie deals to get the most in savings. Act now before these offers end soon.
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RedPlum FAQs: How to Get Coupons, Print, and More

We hear you – from printing and mailing issues to mobile coupons and more, the RedPlum team has the answers to help resolve most of the concerns you have experienced on the site or in general. Check out the top 10 inquiries from RedPlum users and the solutions for them.
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Save More Than $25 in Coupon Offers on Aug. 23

Get a sneak peek of what you can find on the site early Sunday, Aug. 23. We have the latest coupon offers from your favorite store brands such as Wisk®, Zatarain’s®, and Advil®. Plan and prepare to hit the stores for these items before these deals are over.
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Back to School Lunch: Baked Cheddar Chicken Fingers

Enjoy a simple treat of baked cheddar chicken fingers with the kids. This is the perfect recipe to try, especially if you are looking to switch up meals from time-to-time.
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Money Saving Tips for the Newly Frugal

The cost of clothing, utility bills, gas, and more are rising quicker than we realize. Depending on where you live, essentials such as housing, food, and child care, and transportation is difficult for many individuals and families to have or maintain. Setting a budget and cutting back on expenses can help achieve the financial goals you plan for you and your family.
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6 Apps to Stay Organized

Balancing family, work, school, and finances can get overwhelming. Organize household chores, extracurricular activities, and find the time for yourself easily with apps to help manage it all on your smartphone.
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Back to School Sales: Save Big On Clothing, Supplies, & More

It is almost time for the kids to go back to school, and we have found the top deals from clothing to school supplies to help you save.
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Back to School Supplies Saving Tips

Did you know that the average family with children in grades K-12 plans to spend $630 on back-to-school shopping according to the National Retail Federation?
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New! RedPlum Coupon Offers for Aug. 9th

Check out the coupons that will hit this Sunday. Click here to find savings from L'Oreal, Garnier, Quilted Norther and many more!
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6 On The Go Breakfast Recipes

Let’s face it, mornings can be difficult. While you are trying to get ready for work or get the kids ready for school, eating breakfast sometimes is hard to do. Try these quick and easy breakfast recipes that will save you time in the morning in the kitchen.
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Top 5 Back To School Deals For College Students

College tuition, housing, dorm essentials, and everything in between add up fast. We have the latest deals to help you save and to help send off your future graduate(s) stress-free.
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Ready, Set, Save: New Coupons, Sunday August 2, 2015

Save more than $25 in coupon offers starting Sunday, August 2 on health, groceries, beauty products, and more!