Guys - Kick Up Your Style!

Guys – how do you put together your look every day? This new Cool Guy iPhone appicon can help you put together great outfits and shop for items that compliment your wardrobe. And it’s just fingertips away!

Check it out – With Cool Guy you can…  

  • Quickly upload pictures of your clothes.
  • Display your entire wardrobe at once.
  • Create outfits by mix & matching items in your closet.
  • Shop for your wardrobe by browsing clothes from retailers and see what works best with your current wardrobe. Compare price, style and buy right from your phone.
  • Pack your travel bags – just browse your closet in the app and add them to your "suitcase" built right into your app.
  • Get style advice from fashion blogs and magazines.
  • Share your clothes with your friends on Facebook/Twitter and let them be your fashion advisers.

Feeling left out ladies? There’s a Stylish Girl iPhone appicon with the very same features for you!icon


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