Up to 30% OFF Toshiba Laptops & FREE Shipping

Toshiba Save up to 30% and get FREE ShippingDoes anyone actually buy tower computers anymore? Does anyone know what a tower computer is? Inquiring minds at want to know!

We ask because it seems like everyone is toting around a laptop nowadays. In fact, when we go out shopping for a new computing device we find ourselves attracted to something smaller, more portable. You know - something that sits on your lap. Like a cat. With less fur. And more memory.

If you're looking in the market for a computing device for your lap, you're in luck. We just so happen to know that Toshiba is practically giving away it's fur-less lap warmers for up to 30% off. And FREE Shipping over $499.

Click on the image above to get this great discount!

Oh! And don't forget your mouse. Laptops get hungry.


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