Grab This Freebie: Fries and a Drink at Carl's JR and Hardee's

Get 'em before they're gone...

Oh, heck yes! Here at we’ve got the skinny on not one but TWO free-fries-and-a-drink deals that are up for grabs.

If you live near a Carl’s JR and/or a Hardee’s restaurant you can score free fries and a drink when you sign up for their e-mail newsletter. You’ll have to make a burger purchase to get the free stuff, and they’ll both be size small.

But there are worse things than a free small soda and a free small fries, no? 

Sign Up For Hardee's e-Club And Receive A Free Fry & Beverage!

Sign Up For Carl's JR e-Club And Receive a Free Fry & Beverage!


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