Lip Tips to Boost Your Spirits

I love the holidays and look forward to them so much that when they're over I get the post-holiday blues. What's your plan to boost your spirits? It doesn't have to be something big, sometimes something as simple as a different shade of lip color or a little dazzle to your eyes can help to bring you out of your funk.

And it doesn't have to cost a lot, either. One quick and easy way to mix it up is to add a bit of gloss over your current lipstick to add a little shine. You'll be surprised at the difference that just a little bit of gloss can make. And you can get gloss virtually anywhere - from cosmetic counters to drugstores - any store that sells cosmetics will have a solution for a gloss.

I really like this set to help you mix and match.

I often use a lipstick and add a little pizzazz with a tinted gloss over it to give it my own “unique” color. There is so much you can do to change your everyday look to something a little more special without using a whole different product line. This featured product is available right now, others turn up throughout the year.

So if you are feeling a little lost and need something to boost your spirits, glossy up those lips and look in the mirror and see that special person looking back at you.

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Nancy Gorman is a Makeup Artist trained at the Masters Degree level by David Nicholas International Inc (DNI). She provides wedding and special occasion makeup application and personal makeup consulting throughout New England.