This Week’s Hot DVD Release! Band of Brothers on Blu-ray

By Johnna Rizzo

Sure, there’s plenty of talk of recession pounded into our brains these days, so what better time than now to watch a show about the true meaning of sacrifice? Band of Brothers, the near-perfectly produced 7-part WWII series that focuses on a different soldier each week, shows what the men of the Greatest Generation were made of. These are guys willing to give up their only dose of morphine to a fallen comrade, people.

If in the face of this kind of back-against-the-wall giving, thrown at the viewer rapid-fire over the course of 480 thrilling minutes, you don’t weep loud and long, you might want to double check that your tear ducts still work. Which is to say, the weeper side is definitely part of what makes this set piece appealing to we three-hanky loving ladies; that and, say, Ron Livingston and Donnie Wahlberg providing fatigue-covered eye candy. (Though in the interest of full disclosure, there is just one tiny hint of romance, so don’t get your vicarious libido too fired up.)

Your husband is going to be all set, too. He’ll enjoy the accuracy and the fact that it’s a war film. There’s well-done, appropriately administered blood and gore and general action all over the drama. Plus, the story—all extrapolated from the real soldier’s experiences, with modern interviews with the represented-on-film men peppered at the beginnings and ends--is just darn good. And it’s also something you can share with the family, though this is definitely tough stuff, so make sure your young ones are old enough to watch a realistic war movie before popping the corn.

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