The Newest Blockbuster! Pride and Glory

By Johnna Rizzo

We can't get enough of Edward Norton this week! We're Watching him in "The Incredible Hulk" (now out on DVD; read the RedPlum review on our Entertainment Staying In Channel. And now we're heading to the theater to watch him sizzle in "Pride and Glory." The story is this: Norton’s cop character is asked by his police chief father (John Voight) to investigate the case when four officers are killed in routine police drug bust. The catch: all the now-deceased men in blue served under his brother (Noah Emmerich) and brother-in-law (Colin Ferrell). What spirals out from this tight core of relativity is a multi-generational saga of moral code and corruption.

A road well-traveled, most recently by 2007’s "We Own the Night," and the miraculously powerful, gut-wrenching and gut-spilling "The Departed" in 2006. All of which raises the question: Does the off-duty drama of boys in blue ever get overtired? You know from the ominous start that this one is going to end up in the wrenching choice between blood and blue uniforms. What is revelatory in Pride and Glory is the taut grace of the characters that get you there. Norton, Farrell and Voight are nuanced enough pros to transcend even the cop corruption and crime trope that’s been rode hard by Hollywood.

Opening opposite his uber-famous daughter Angelina Jolie’s The Changeling—which also boasts co-star John Malkovich—adds a new twist the oft times topsy-turvy tabloid family tale of John Voight. (Perhaps more of a family saga than the film itself.) The father comes out on top here when it comes to date night—there’s something here for both genders to enjoy. (Jolie’s Changeling is the kind of film better reserved for girl’s night out—that is, when you and the ladies all in a solemn, contemplative mood.) Pride and Glory, though a bit gory, is also the kind of film that older teens can enjoy, so as long as the kids are NC-17 friendly, this could be a great option for teen-parent bonding time. But we're not kidding about the gore, so no young teens, please!

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